SMARTEQ ™ is a Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program developed and delivered by us to Equip ™ both children and adults with skills for awareness and self management for a holistic well being.

SMARTEQ ™ is an evidence-based research showing that Emotional Quotient (EQ) plays an important role than just Intelligence Quotient (IQ) in one's life for success in both life and career. Building Emotional Quotient skills in the formative years of a child's developmental stages will be crucial.

The Five competencies of SMARTEQ ™ program includes components of the SEL and EQ framework in the areas of Cognitive, Social, Emotional and Behavioral aspects of an individual. They are:


Being sociable is learning to recognize the feelings and perspectives of others and showing respect for others regardless of differences by appreciating diversity


Being mindful is learning to be aware of the different feelings within one's own self and recognizing that some feelings must be managed and expressed appropriately by exercising control over impulsive behaviors


Being adaptable is learning to cooperate and adapt to difficult situations understanding that there are limits and boundaries that needs to be adhered to in having positive relationships


Being responsible is learning to take ownership of actions and to consider the effects and consequences of the choices that are made. Being more independent increases the need to make more responsible decisions.


Being thankful is learning to have a positive concept of one’s self by understanding own strengths and having a strong self-worth. This also helps identify one's wants and needs, likes and dislikes, set goals and move towards a meaningful purpose in life.

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